Hello and thanks for visiting my website. I’m glad you’re here but, in many ways, I wish you weren’t! More correctly, I wish you didn’t need to be here. Believe it when I tell you I understand. I’ve been in your shoes and it HURTS.

When I went looking for help, I couldn’t find it. That problem has haunted me for months. There just aren’t that many online resources for men when their partner has been unfaithful. This dearth of information became the primary driving force behind starting this website community. I have found that interacting with other men in the same situation and at different phases of dealing with their partner’s infidelity was the only way I could hang on and work through it. I certainly couldn’t turn to her for help! I became determined to provide a place for men to find the information and programs needed to heal from this terrible ordeal.

Please browse around and see what’s here. Read through some of the Blog posts or share with others in our Community Forum. As this site matures and our shared community grows I’m determined to help as many men as I can move on with their lives and (as a wise family member once said to me) assist them to, ”Get better, NOT bitter!”.

Let me know what helps and what doesn’t. I’d also like to know what else is needed or missing that could help you in your personal recovery journey. Contact us to share your ideas.



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